Annual conferences are usually held in London in November, and Leeds in spring. Where possible we hold additional events at other times of the year.
2018 UK Conference
Embodying Servant-Leadership
Friends House
173-177 Euston Road
Oct 30 & 31st 2018

Oct 30 & 31st 2018
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Our annual Greenleaf gathering to spend time with other aspiring Servant-Leaders learn and grow your Servant-Leader Practise or to introduce you to it! Inspirational speakers will stimulate your thinking.

Two of our keynote speakers will be:

Sarah Hill
In her book, ‘Where Did You Learn To Behave Like That?’, Sarah’s premise is that every leader in the world is shaped by their formative experiences. Whether they are aware of it or not, their earliest memories are influencing the way they show up; how they interact with others and what triggers their greatest reactivity. Exceptional leadership coaches are able to skilfully solicit the childhood story that underpins a leader’s characteristic behaviour, helping them access an unprecedented depth of understanding about themselves. Gaining command of this story can be singularly the most transformative act any leader may experience in a coaching relationship.

Emma Skitt
For the last 20 years Emma Skitt has been working with the principle that “people perform better when they feel good about themselves”. Emma’s deep love at work is taking what we (think) we know about neuroscience and turning it into practical and useful ways to make this happen. Emma’s conference session will explore how our growing understanding of the human brain creates opportunities for us to find ways that we can connect with each other, build great teams, and create work places where people thrive. She believes that, as stewards of their organisation’s human resources, servant-leaders can use this understanding to underpin their work in ensuring the highest priority needs of everyone are met.

Other session topics will be; An introduction to Servant-Leadership, Balancing Serving and Leading, Servant-Leadership and Meditation, Servant-Leadership and Personal Values.


What a great conference this year - as ever. I always get so much from it; not just information on servant-leadership, but meeting such wonderful people and enjoying such an interesting and inspirational event. It's the highlight of my "conference year"!

Thank you too for a truly wonderful conference... When I returned to the office and tried to explain what I'd experienced at the conference, I was almost moved to tears. It touched me deeply as it feels so in tune with my own thoughts and ideas. I have come away totally inspired...Thank you!
Suze L

It was another brilliant conference, and both Steve and Suze, in describing it to colleagues yesterday, were clearly moved by the element of true spirituality and depth of intimacy which participants achieved. I kind of take it for granted now at Greenleaf UK events, so it was especially nice to have this confirmed by others.
Paula H

“This is not a conference, with the usual sterile expectation – there is too much humanity and intimacy for that. It is what those of us who were young in the sixties might call a “happening”. As Bertrand Russell said at the end of his Reith Lecture in the fifties: “Remember your humanity, forget the rest”.
John H

I really enjoyed the event (conference does not feel like the right word, somehow). I met some really interesting people who spoke to me from a place of depth within themselves and that is rare in such a short time.
Cecelia F

This conference was challenging both personally and organisationally. Each time we attend this conference we are both stretched and renewed in our hearts to be servant-leaders in all aspects of life.
Diann F

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